Turkey, Stuffing and Eggs- A Thanksgiving Feast
November 17, 2017

iStock 000017787921SmallWhen most people think about Thanksgiving dinner, the first things that come to mind are turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Eggs may not be top of mind, but they can be an unheralded but important part of a great Thanksgiving dinner.

The American Egg Board has several recipes using eggs, including this one for mini-pumpkin pies, or this brown sugar pecan pie. If you aren’t looking for new desserts, try this recipe for pumpkin bread, or salads,  or casseroles.

Or, if you want to start new Thanksgiving traditions, and begin with breakfast, you could make baked eggs or omelets, French toast or pancakes, breakfast sandwiches. Or if you need to grab a quick breakfast before heading to visit family or friends, check out these quick and easy breakfast recipes.

On Thanksgiving and throughout the year, eggs provide a versatile, healthy option for you and your family. After enjoying some eggs for the upcoming holidays, be sure to check for more egg recipes periodically throughout the year.

There’s usually an abundance of food at most holiday gatherings, which means … leftovers! Many desserts and side dishes include eggs; ensure proper handling and refrigeration so they holiday weekend is not pre-empted with foodborne illnesses. Refrigerate any leftovers containing eggs promptly after serving (and definitely within two hours). Thoroughly reheat leftovers and eat within two to three days. Discard any egg-containing leftovers that have been refrigerated more than three days.