Score Big With Super Snacks for this Weekends Game

Whether you are a football fan or just enjoy the half-time show, I think everyone can agree that the best part is the food!

Before we get started, it is important to remember these egg safety tips.  When buying eggs, open the carton and make sure none of the eggs have cracks in them. Cracked shells are not safe to eat.  Once home, store them in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Before and after handling eggs,  wash your hands, utensils and surfaces, but do not wash eggs, as they have been properly sanitized before packing.

Be sure that hot dishes are kept hot, and cold dishes are kept cold. For warm egg-containing dishes, use thermal containers to keep the food hot. Serving buffet style? Use small dishes and replenish with fresh food rather than leaving at room temperature for the whole game. This decreases the likelihood of bacterial growth. Thoroughly reheat leftovers and eat within two to three days.

Now, how about those recipes?

The Incredible Egg has a unique spin on serving deviled eggs. It’s called a DIY Deviled Egg Bar!  Basically, you create a variety of filling and allow your guests to mix and match toppings.  You can find an amazing selection of deviled egg recipes at The Incredible Egg.    Genius, right?

We know that everyone does not like deviled eggs, so we included an alternative that includes meat and cheese! Try this nacho lover’s dream! The Incredible Egg’s Lucha Libre Nachos takes a classic snack to a new level!

Not sure which to pick? Try both of these game-winning snacks for your guest.

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