National Eggnog Month – Make It Safely!


Did you know eggnog dates back to the 13th century?  Today variations of this thick, spiced egg and milk drink are enjoyed in countries around the world.

December is National Eggnog Month, and this is a favorite drink for many families during the holidays.  Eggs are the starring ingredient, and the FDA  recommends using a recipe with a cooked egg base to avoid any possibility of foodborne illness.

When making the cooked egg base, pay attention to these FDA recommendations:

  • Combine eggs and half the milk as indicated in the recipe. Other ingredients, such as sugar may be added at this step.
  • Cook the mixture gently to an internal temperature of 160° F, stirring constantly. The cooking will destroy any bacteria that might be present. At this temperature, the mixture will firmly coat a metal spoon.  But please don’t lick the spoon if the custard is not fully cooked!
  • After cooking, chill the mixture before adding the rest of the milk and other ingredients.

If you are looking for a classic recipe see Saint Nick’s Eggnog from the Incredible Egg Holiday Recipe collection.

If you don’t have time to make a cooked egg base but still want delicious homemade eggnog, use pasteurized eggs or egg product instead.  Avoid using raw eggs in any of your holiday recipes.

And remember, some might think that adding alcohol to eggnog kills any bacteria, but this is false!  For more information on safely preparing homemade eggnog, visit

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