Keep the meringue safe and delicious on Banana Cream Pie Day

Happy Banana Cream Pie Day! March 2 marks Banana Cream Pie Day, so find a great recipe, mix it up and enjoy that delicious pie.

The Incredible Egg showcases recipes like this banana cream pie featuring filling with four beaten egg yolks, or this bananas foster cheese pie. Food Network has new takes on the old favorite with chocolate peanut butter banana cream pie or chocolate cookie crust banana cream pie.


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If your banana cream pie calls for meringue, you can follow these tips to make the perfect meringue. If your recipe calls for only egg yolks or white, use an inexpensive egg separator or a funnel to separate your eggs and avoid cross contamination. Don’t pass the egg yolk back and forth from the shells or your hands. If some shell lands in an egg mixture, use a clean utensil to retrieve – not the eggshell! Refrigerate the unused part of the egg and use within two days. Or you can freeze egg yolks, whites or whole eggs, by following these tips to safely freeze and defrost eggs.

To make sure you make your banana cream pie safely, follow these tips on storing, handling and cooking eggs. Before you cook with eggs, make sure you select clean, uncracked eggs from a refrigerated case. If you have other questions on egg safety, visit our Egg Answers page. To keep up to date on egg safety, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo source: American Egg Board