Let’s Get This Tailgate Party Started with Eggs


Football tailgating is often a breakfast or brunch affair with today’s early college kickoff times. With a little planning, you can score big with eggs this season.

Finger foods are ideal for pregame get-togethers. Mini-quiche bites and a variety of deviled egg recipes found here might be just the thing to get your party started. As the weather begins to cool this fall, a warm-up might be needed before heading out to kickoff. This creative Eggs Benedict sandwich or this Gameday Breakfast Sliders recipe could be the highlight of your game day meal. How about an omelet? This innovative recipe is a good way to serve pregame omelets with freezer bags and boiling water.

September is Food Safety Education Month – a good reminder to take wise precautions when planning tailgate gatherings. Take steps to make sure eggs stay safe. Keep them cold when traveling, whether or not they are cooked. Temperature fluctuation is critical to food safety.

After eggs are refrigerated, it’s important they remain that way. When transporting eggs, keep your cooler at 45-degrees or lower. Once on site, place the cooler in the shade and keep it closed as much as possible to ensure foods stay refrigerator-cold and the ice lasts longer. Eggs or dishes that contain eggs should not be left out on the serving table longer than 2 hours.

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What’s better than autumn weekends, football and the great outdoor eating experience of tailgating? Cheer your team on and be safe this fall while tailgating with eggs!

The image “ Classic Deviled Eggs (with relish)” by alanagkelly is licensed under CC BY-SA 20.