Egg Industry Center 

The Egg Industry Center is focused on providing value to the U.S. Egg Industry through information dissemination and collaborative research efforts.

UEP “5-Star” Egg Safety Program 

UEP “5-Star” Egg Safety Program is a voluntary program of United Egg Producers. “5-Star” goes beyond FDA Egg Safety Rule requirements to provide egg farmers with a comprehensive, dependable safety program from the farm through processing.

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association 

membership includes producers and processors of broilers, turkeys, ducks, eggs, and breeding stock, as well as allied companies

American Egg Board 

The American Egg Board (AEB), home to The Incredible Egg, is passionate about representing the interests of America’s egg farmers. AEB connects America’s egg farmers with consumers and receives funding from a national legislative checkoff on all egg production from companies with more than 75,000 hens in the continental United States.