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What do labels on egg cartons mean?

Egg farmers are committed to providing you with a lot of choices when shopping for eggs. These choices can be confusing when reading labels on egg cartons at the store. The UEP Certified Regular and Cage-Free logo means those eggs originate from farms dedicated to responsible, science-based methods to ensure optimal hen care, while USDA Certified Organic eggs are certified by private and state agencies to ensure they are produced according to USDA organic standards. Free range eggs are produced on farms where hens have some access to the outdoors, while pasture-raised means that hens have access to the outdoors and graze primarily by eating grass and bugs, but there are no specific guidelines for pasture-raised eggs. Both vegetarian-fed and enriched with omega-3 refer to the diet the hens are fed. For more information on egg labels, visit UEP Certified.