Protein is Important: Get the School Day Started Right with Eggs
September 22, 2014


Children need a meal that includes protein before packing them off to school. Nutritionists agree that eating breakfast contributes to overall health and good behavior in children and the high-quality protein found in eggs gives active kids sustained energy for their busy day ahead.

Research shows that serving eggs at breakfast provides a feeling of fullness and leads to less snacking and fewer calories being consumed at lunch. The amount and quality of protein a person eats directly affects muscle mass, strength and function. After an active day at school or an athletic event or practice, eating eggs encourages muscle tissue repair and growth.

A few egg safety reminders:

  • Never purchase a cracked egg and if it cracks on the way home, break it into a clean container and use it within a couple of days.
  • Hard-boiled eggs spoil faster than fresh eggs – even when refrigerated. They should be refrigerated with two hours of cooking and used within a week.
  • Remember that eggs used in recipes or with other foods should be cooked to 160 degrees to make sure any harmful bacteria is destroyed.

Have a picky eater at home? Eggs can be made in dozens of ways to please all types of appetite and they’re economical, too. At about 15 cents apiece, eggs are one of the most affordable sources of protein available. And don’t forget the yolk. Some people think the egg white has all of the protein but it’s actually about a 50/50 split.