Meet UEP’s Food Safety Expert, Oscar Garrison

Egg safety is a top priority for egg farmers from the farm to your plate. To ensure safety practices, United Egg Producers sponsors the Egg Safety Center, the leading resource for egg safety on the farm, in the store and your kitchen.  Who is the source of all this eggcellent information?

Oscar Garrison is a food safety expert and UEP’s senior vice-president of food safety and regulatory affairs. He oversees, ensuring all content, videos, blogs and FAQ answers are up-to-date and accurate.


Oscar Garrison (left) at the 2019 Food Safety Summit

Garrison, along with UEP’s Food Safety Committee, works closely with regulatory officials from the FDA and USDA to develop guidance for farmers on producing safe, wholesome eggs. UEP’s food safety team also works with an advisory board of food safety experts for access to the most recent research, technology, and protocols for the food industry.

A key member of the UEP team since 2013, Garrison has extensive food safety experience.  He worked for over 19 years at the Georgia Department of Agriculture, serving as Division Director Food Safety and Assistant Commissioner of Consumer Protection. He is the past president of the Association of Food and Drug Officials, where he led the national organizations’ efforts to promote an Integrated Food Safety System. Garrison was also president of the Georgia Association of Food Protection and is currently on the Educational Advisory Board for the Food Safety Summit.

When you have questions about the safe handling and cooking of eggs, know that that has the right answer!

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