Egg Nog and So Much More for the Holidays
December 23, 2014

ESC Blog PHOTO EggsforChristmas 122214Egg nog is a holiday favorite for the Griswolds and many other families, and now, with these safety tips from the Egg Safety Center (ESC), you can safely make your own egg nog with confidence. And egg nog is just one way eggs can play a role in your holiday fun. The American Egg Board (AEB) has many other great recipes featuring eggs, including some of these holiday favorites.

You can start your Christmas morning (or any morning, holiday or otherwise) with a breakfast sandwich, breakfast skillets, omelets, or muffins.

After you’ve exchanged presents, unstuffed your stockings or watched your favorite holiday movie for the third time, you may need some sweet snacks, and some of the best are made with eggs. Try these almond cookies, chocolate peppermint crinkles, or ginger spice cookies to feed your sweet tooth.

Regardless of how you and your family choose to use eggs, you want to do so safely, so no one’s holiday is ruined by illness. Here are some tips from the ESC to help you enjoy your eggs and keep your holidays jolly:

Follow these tips and you can rest assured you and your family can safely enjoy eggs for many holiday seasons to come.