Egg Farmers Provide Safe Eggs, Top Hen Care


U.S. egg farmers are committed to providing excellent care of their hens and ensuring the safety of the eggs they produce for you and your family.

And this commitment to egg safety starts at the farm, with a number of programs in place to ensure egg safety. These programs include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Egg Safety Final Rule, State Egg Quality Assurance Programs, the United Egg Producers “5-Star” Egg Safety Program, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HAACP) Systems and Safe Quality Foods.

In addition to egg safety, U.S. egg farmers are committed to hen well-being with the vast majority participating in a voluntary hen well-being program administered by the United Egg Producers (UEP.)

The UEP Certified program, which is recognized as a leading program for science-based guidelines on hen well-being. Regular and comprehensive animal care training for farmworkers and ongoing monitoring of hen health and welfare are part of the high standards for hen care followed by U.S. egg farmers, as part of the UEP Certified guidelines.

 Other UEP Certified guidelines require participating farmers to provide:

·         Code of conduct for proper animal handling signed by trained employees

·         Annual compliance audit conducted by independent third-party inspectors

·         Scientifically supported space for hens

·         Nutritious hormone-free feed, clean water and fresh air at all times and prohibits the use of feed withdrawal molt programs

·         Strict biosecurity measures to protect food safety and hen health

·         Space for nests and perches in cage-free houses.

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