Celebrating World Egg Day Around the Globe
October 11, 2013

Happy World Egg Day! Since 1996, countries around the globe have celebrated World Egg Day each year on the second Friday in October.  World Egg Day was created by the International Egg Commission (IEC) to help raise awareness about the amazing benefits of eggs, and a central segment of our agriculture economy.

Eggs are a high-quality, nutrient-dense protein source, containing many of the key ingredients for brain and muscle development, disease prevention and overall well-being. Eggs have played a major role in feeding people around the world for centuries.

Throughout the years, World Egg Day has been celebrated in a variety of ways. Last year,  crowds in Mozambique gathered to see a famous chef demonstrate diverse ways to prepare eggs. In the UK, National newspapers published research which suggested a link between an individual’s egg choice and their personality type. The research was commissioned by the British Egg Information Service and helped to emphasize the versatility of eggs available to consumers. In Ogun State, Nigeria, a road show organized by the Poultry Association of Nigeria and Norgem Nigeria Limited distributed almost 250 crates of boiled and fresh eggs to schools, hospitals, markets and restaurants.

As you can see, there are more than enough egg-cellent ways to celebrate World Egg Day.  If you’re unable to do something grand, simply boil, fry or scramble up a few eggs; or perhaps make an omelet, frittata or pumpkin soufflé just in time for the autumn season! Either way, be sure to crack open the delicious and nutritional benefits of eggs on this joyful day.  Show us how egg-xactly you celebrate.