‘Tis the Season to be Baking
December 19, 2013

Between holiday parties, hosting out-of-towners and office potlucks, we’re in the throes of baking season. To get you in the right mindset, here are the Egg Safety Center’s Top 10 Baking Tips: 1.Get all your ingredients out and in order before starting. Measure out the ingredients so you can “dump and go”, making the process

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Staying Safe During National Food Safety Month and Beyond
September 23, 2013

September is National Food Safety Month and there is no better way to participate than by keeping safe! National Food Safety Month (NFSM) was created by the restaurant industry in 1994 to increase awareness about the importance of food safety education. Each year, new training activities are created for the restaurant and foodservice industry to

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Labor Day Food Safety
August 30, 2013

Labor Day is infamous for families and friends sharing food and having fun in the sun. Whether barbecuing in the backyard or having an end-of-summer celebration at the beach, you should always practice careful food handling in order to keep yourself and others safe.

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Safe Summer Travels
July 17, 2013

  During the summer months, you may be planning several road trips. You will likely take snacks and other foods for the ride, including the nutrient-packed, dense protein source of eggs. Packing perishable foods for warm summer trips means you should take extra precaution with temperature fluctuation. To fully enjoy your summer travels, follow the

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Egg Safety Tips for Summer Fun Activities
June 10, 2013

Along with summer vacations and celebrations, come warm temperatures, which can enable bacteria growth on many types of foods, including eggs.  Whether you’re throwing a barbeque, going camping or having a picnic, you should always follow safe handling practices to avoid food-borne illness during your outdoor celebrations.  

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Spring is here: Egg safety tips to keep in mind during the Easter holiday
March 29, 2013

The Easter Bunny is headed back to help bring in the wonderful spring season! While beautiful sunshine, blooming flowers and Easter egg hunts are on the way, it’s important to remember food handling safety tips during this season. Keep these tips in mind while dyeing, hiding, hunting and eating Easter eggs or any other types

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White House Easter Egg Roll
March 15, 2013

Easter is a wonderful time of year for everyone who loves eggs, including the First family! The White House Easter Egg Roll is a tradition that dates back to 1878. Originally, young children in Washington, DC, would flock to Capitol Hill every Monday after Easter for egg rolling and a day of activities. It wasn’t

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National Eggnog Month: Making It Safely
December 12, 2012

There is nothing better than sitting around a bonfire drinking eggnog and talking holiday memories with your family (especially if a little bourbon is involved). In the past I used to buy eggnog from the grocery store—it was quick, easy, and only cost me a few dollars. It was not until I tried making my

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DESSERTS! How to keep your family safe while making holiday goodies
November 20, 2012

The holidays are a time for one of my favorite things—rich, fattening DESSERTS! One dessert I had the opportunity to make this past weekend is the Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie found in the November edition of Southern Living magazine. It turned out to be the hit of the Thanksgiving party that I attended this past

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Egg Safety Tips: Boiling and Dyeing fun all year round
September 19, 2012

In honor of National Food Safety Month, the Egg Safety Center is featuring popular food bloggers that give advice on how they safely handle and use eggs in their own kitchens and recipes. The Egg Safety Center is very excited to introduce our second blogger, Tonia Sanders from the Chatty Momma. Tonia Sanders is the

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