I never saw cloudy egg whites before. Are they safe?
October 6, 2014

  Editor’s note: we often receive questions through our website on egg handling and safety. This is a question from one of our followers. If you have a question, submit it here. A cloudy egg white (or albumen) means the egg is very fresh. The cloudiness is caused by carbon dioxide, which is naturally present

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My eggs were in the back of the refrigerator and some of them froze. Should I toss them?
September 25, 2014

Editor’s note: we often receive questions through our website on egg handling and safety. This is a question from one of our followers. If you have a question, submit it here. If the eggs have broken through their shells during freezing, they should be discarded. Nobody likes to waste food, but it’s just not worth

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Protein is Important: Get the School Day Started Right with Eggs
September 22, 2014

  Children need a meal that includes protein before packing them off to school. Nutritionists agree that eating breakfast contributes to overall health and good behavior in children and the high-quality protein found in eggs gives active kids sustained energy for their busy day ahead. Research shows that serving eggs at breakfast provides a feeling

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How long do eggs keep in the fridge?
September 15, 2014

How long do eggs keep in the fridge? As long are they are kept 45 °F or lower, fresh shell eggs are safe to be consumed four to five weeks beyond the carton’s Julian date. What’s a “Julian date,” some may ask? For food, it means the number of days since the beginning of the

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Eggs for School Lunch? Remember the Safety Rules.
September 4, 2014

  Considering a school lunch containing eggs or something prepared with eggs? The important thing to remember is to keep it cold. An egg salad sandwich, for example, should be refrigerated at all times, so always pack a lunch in a cooler or insulated lunch pail with a freezer pack or sealed bag of ice.

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Only the Best for Mom
May 6, 2014

Delivering breakfast to mom in bed is a popular way to celebrate Mother’s Day.  So we have put some tips together on how to safely prep in advance for her special day. There are many techniques in the kitchen to help speed up the process of preparing a large breakfast. One practice the Egg Safety

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Decorate and Enjoy Easter Eggs Safely This Year
April 17, 2014

Easter is here and that means bunnies, Easter egg hunts and dyeing eggs. Decorating eggs is a great memory for many families at Easter. And stores sell decorating kits with food coloring, stencils and other accessories to enhance the experience. The Egg Safety Center has a few tips for safely enjoying these hard-boiled creations this

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Egg Safety Tips with Oscar Garrison, United Egg Producers
April 10, 2014

Ever get confused about when your eggs will expire based on the “Sell by” date? Or the “Best by” date? Watch this short video in which Oscar Garrison, Director of Food Safety of the United Egg Producers, gives tips to help you navigate your next grocery store visit.

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How Do you Love Your Eggs?
February 13, 2014

While it’s easy to love eggs all year long, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to know how you love your eggs. Scrambled? Fried? Omelet? Poached? Frittata? Hard-boiled? Shirred? Deviled? Whether you prefer them scrambled, poached, fried, hard-boiled or in an omelet, be sure to cook the eggs all the way through for safe

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Breakfast on the Go
January 14, 2014

We’re two weeks into 2014 and motivation is being challenged by temptation. How are your new year’s resolutions holding up? Eating a healthy breakfast every day is the right way to keep your resolutions and morning routine on track, and here’s a quick, safe and no-mess trick: microwaved eggs!

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