The Heat is On So Keep ‘Em Cool
June 21, 2017

No matter where you live, it’s probably pretty safe to say the so-called “dog days of summer” are here. This time of year brings a lot of questions to the Egg Safety Center regarding egg refrigeration and freshness since summer brings a lot of great things like picnics and camping. However, these outings can easily

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Happy National Egg Month!
May 9, 2017

May is here and it’s National Egg Month! Eggs are an excellent source of protein to help you stay full and energized throughout the day. Not only are eggs nutritious and affordable, they are also very easy to prepare in many different ways. Eggs can be boiled, fried or scrambled and used in a variety

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Enjoy Easter a Little Longer with Blown Out Colored Eggs
April 6, 2017

Originally posted on March 11, 2016. Blowing out eggs is a fun, safe alternative to hard-boiling. Dyed egg shells can be displayed for several days or even weeks. Plus, you can still use the eggs for cooking. You might consider making blown out eggs this Easter because of food safety. Hard-boiled eggs should not be

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Tips for safely handling, dyeing and eating Easter eggs
March 30, 2017

Whether your Easter plans include bunnies hopping down the trail, baskets, bonnets or candy, chances are eggs may have a role. Coloring, hiding and eventually eating Easter eggs has been a long-held tradition for many families. For the happiest of Easter memories, keep these safety tips in mind for handling and eating eggs, as the

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Happy World Egg Day! Keep your celebrations safe and delicious
October 14, 2016

World Egg Day is October 14, 2016 and is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of eggs, in countries all around the world! In 1966, the International Egg Commission established the second Friday in October as World  Egg Day. Eggs are part of a wide variety of foods, and you can find 

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Let’s Get This Tailgate Party Started with Eggs
September 14, 2016

Football tailgating is often a breakfast or brunch affair with today’s early college kickoff times. With a little planning, you can score big with eggs this season. Finger foods are ideal for pregame get-togethers. Mini-quiche bites and a variety of deviled egg recipes found here might be just the thing to get your party started.

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Understanding Dates on Egg Cartons
July 14, 2016

Many eggs reach stores only a few days after being laid. Determining the freshness of eggs can be confusing at times, as some egg cartons feature two dates. The Julian date is the “pack date,” when the eggs were washed, graded and place in the carton. This three-digit code represents the consecutive day of the

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Keep Easter eggs safe when decorating, hunting and eating this holiday
March 15, 2016

Eggs were first decorated for Easter around the 13th century and today, Americans are expected to purchase about 180 million eggs to dye for Easter. It’s important to safely handle eggs during decorating, hiding and hunting – especially if you plan to eat the eggs later. If you are dyeing eggs for your Easter basket,

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What you need to know about egg products
January 27, 2016

Eggs provide great options for breakfasts or snacks, with many nutritional benefits, but it’s not always convenient to fix shell eggs.  In some cases liquid eggs, pre-made eggs or other egg products might be a good fit. Other times you may only need the egg white, but don’t want to separate the yolk from the egg

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Keeping eggs safe from store to plate
December 2, 2015

From farms to transportation and storage in the store, eggs are handled carefully to ensure their safety through to your kitchen. It’s important to follow some tips to ensure eggs stay safe for your family to eat and enjoy. First, keep eggs in their original carton, so you can check the Julian and sell-by dates.

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