Enjoy Easter a Little Longer with Blown Out Colored Eggs
April 6, 2017

Originally posted on March 11, 2016. Blowing out eggs is a fun, safe alternative to hard-boiling. Dyed egg shells can be displayed for several days or even weeks. Plus, you can still use the eggs for cooking. You might consider making blown out eggs this Easter because of food safety. Hard-boiled eggs should not be

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Tips for safely handling, dyeing and eating Easter eggs
March 30, 2017

Whether your Easter plans include bunnies hopping down the trail, baskets, bonnets or candy, chances are eggs may have a role. Coloring, hiding and eventually eating Easter eggs has been a long-held tradition for many families. For the happiest of Easter memories, keep these safety tips in mind for handling and eating eggs, as the

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Egg Farmers Provide Safe Eggs, Top Hen Care
March 15, 2017

  U.S. egg farmers are committed to providing excellent care of their hens and ensuring the safety of the eggs they produce for you and your family. And this commitment to egg safety starts at the farm, with a number of programs in place to ensure egg safety. These programs include the U.S. Food and

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Keeping Hens Safe, Warm and Healthy through Harsh Weather
March 14, 2017

In midst of blizzards, thunderstorms and other extreme weather, how do farmers keep their animals safe, warm and healthy? Safety authori ties tell us to cope with harsh weather by staying indoors as much as possible. That’s good advice for animals, too. It’s one of the many reasons that the vast majority of egg-laying hens

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Eggs are great fit with resolution to eat healthier
January 9, 2017

As the New Year starts, many of you have resolved to eat healthier in 2017. Have you considered eggs as part of that change? Some have been cautious about eating too many eggs, due to cholesterol warnings , but experts now say the cholesterol in foods does not cause the increase of cholesterol in blood

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