Fireworks, BBQs and Eggs

Many Americans will celebrate Independence Day with barbecues, camping trips and picnics. Eggs make a natural fit for 4th of July fun – whether deviled eggs for a picnic or scrambled eggs for breakfast while camping or at the lake.

Just like it’s important to handle fireworks with care and proper safety measures, eggs should be handled and prepared safely so your celebrations remain festive.

If you take along raw eggs or hard-boiled eggs leave them in their shells. Pack hard-boiled or deviled eggs, along with other cold dishes, in an insulated bag or cooler with ice or freezer packs. Put the cooler in the shade and open as infrequently as possible, to help keep foods at 40° F or lower. Food inside will stay refrigerator-cold as long as the ice lasts.

For warm dishes containing eggs, use thermal containers to keep them hot (140° F or higher). When refrigeration isn’t available – as in hiking, camping or boating – buy dried eggs from supermarkets or sporting goods stores and reconstitute with purified water.

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